About us

About Us

Vision & Mission

we can say that the role of company is to building trust and increasing customer satisfaction.

We are Thailand’s leading card-based payment and systems solution provider for food courts in Thailand, handling > 120 million transactions per year.

Sabuy Solutions (SBS) has the ability to serve food courts, market places, entertainment venues, and theme parks with customized payment solutions including acceptance terminals and peripherals, wired/wireless/cloud-based networks, centralized cloud-based administration systems, and cashier-less kiosk-operated card dispensing and collection kiosks.

‘SABUY SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.’ or “SBS” raised a paid-up capital of 100 million THB and became an all-in-one food court solution service provider with more than 230 locations for major retail stores, such as Lotus’s [sic], Tops, Robinson, and Terminal 21. The company also provides an E-wallet service through the SABUY Money system. The company’s direction is focused on the development of Information Technology Systems, Service Platforms, and E-payment systems to serve the present and future economic situations, to be agile, precise, cost minimized, and system service integrated, both in the private and public sectors. To serve everyone, every day, every time with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
SABUY Systems and Management Co., Ltd. initiated a new food court solution system at the Fashion Island mall and expanded into a new business of a laundromat service under the brand “SABUY WASH”.
Sabuy Systems and Management Co., Ltd. changed the registered company’s name to ‘SABUY SOLUTION Co., Ltd. or “SBS”.
SABUY Systems and Management Co., Ltd. operated 219 food courts, equivalent to a 9.50% growth compared to the previous year.
The company’s major shareholders, such as the Wachirapong, Rujanapornpajee, and Veeraprawat families, along with other shareholders, decided to take over 100% of the company’s shares from non-related shareholders to extend the business opportunity for the smart food court service system of SABUY Systems and Management Co., Ltd. By the end of 2017, the company had 200 food courts under its operation.
Established in 1997 with a paid-up capital of 1 million THB, SABUY Systems and Management Co., Ltd. (SS&M) has specialized in the integration, installation, and maintenance of food court management systems. With highly experienced management and support teams, we serve our food court service system under the brand SS&M. In 2005, SS&M increased its paid-up capital to 20 million THB.


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